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Answer "How active Italian Greyhounds are?"

How active Italian Greyhounds are?

This "How active Italian Greyhounds are?" answer for dog breed Italian Greyhound was viewed by 4890 visitors.

Country of origin: Italy

Puppies and young dogs have significantly higher activity level. Grown up Italian Greyhounds can easily adapt to the lifestyle of their owners. These dogs are real Hounds, even though they are miniature, so they cannot concentrate for a long time.

Despite the fact that Italian Greyhounds are considered to be grown up dogs starting from the age of eight months, many of them still have playfulness for much longer time. Some even at the age of three-four years still act childish – and that is what attracts many fans of this breed. Other owners can just eagerly wait until their dog will be old enough to stop acting like this.

Answer for dog breed "Italian Greyhound"

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RU: Насколько активен Итальянский Грейхаунд?
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