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Answer "How easy it is to train Italian Greyhound?"

How easy it is to train Italian Greyhound?

This "How easy it is to train Italian Greyhound?" answer for dog breed Italian Greyhound was viewed by 4521 visitors.

Country of origin: Italy

This characteristic depends on the personal traits of your dog. But in general, it can be said like this: if Italian Greyhounds were people, they would feel more comfortable in Academy of Arts compared to Military School. Some dogs can easily finish the basic behavioral course when some other animals do not want to even hear about it. It also depends on the trainer's skills and experience to work with an Italian Greyhound.

Agility – is a kind of sports that was created for Italian Greyhounds to perfectly fit in. This breed will also fit Canis-therapy. Some Italian Greyhounds can be taught to become hunters, but you should do it very carefully.

Answer for dog breed "Italian Greyhound"

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