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Answer "How hard is it to take care of siberian husky?"

How hard is it to take care of siberian husky?

This "How hard is it to take care of siberian husky?" answer for dog breed Siberian Husky was viewed by 4133 visitors.

Country of origin: Russia
Other names: Chukcha, Chuksha
Nicknames: Husky, Icee
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Siberian Huskies feel the happiest dogs ever when they are able to participate in all the activities of their families. It would be a good idea to give your dog a possibility to leave and enter the house when it wants so (though a special dog-door). If it is not possible to install such door, teach your dog to come close to the door and ask its owner to open it.

Outside the house, your dog should have a big yard with a high fence (at least 180 cm). Huskies are tireless diggers, so if you have an ability to place sandbox somewhere – you should do it.

According to the fact that Siberian Huskies are arctic dogs, they can easily tolerate the coldest weather. But in these cases, they will need a good house with the straw bed. Make the roof of this house flat, because Huskies love to lie on it and watch the world around them.

Answer for dog breed "Siberian Husky"

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RU: Какой уход нужен Сибирскому Хаски?
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