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Answer "How do you care for your pit bull?"

How do you care for your pit bull?

This "How do you care for your pit bull?" answer for dog breed American Pit Bull Terrier was viewed by 4065 visitors.

Country of origin: United States
Other names: Pit Bull
Nicknames: APBT, Pit, Pitty, Pitt Bull
Height: 17 to 22 in (43 to 56 cm)
Weight: 40-80 lbs

These dogs require having a strong and persistent owner and pretty big living space. Pit bulls can have spare energy in small apartments, which is dangerous for people and furniture. If you don't have any choice, it is recommended to walk your pit bull for 3-4 hours at least three times per day (for a grown up dog). In other cases, 2 times per day for 1-2 hours would be enough.

Despite the environment, your pit bull lives in, you should give it a discharge in the form of active games and physical exercises. When there is a bad weather, do not walk your dog for more than an hour.

American Pit Bull Terriers are very cheerful, gambling and playful dogs, and that is why they need various toys, especially if they are often let at home alone. It is not recommended to give them any noisy toys. It is also worth to note that the needed inventory has to be bought and placed in your home even before the moment of taking a puppy.

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