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Answer "How do I choose australian shepherd puppy?"

How do I choose australian shepherd puppy?

This "How do I choose australian shepherd puppy?" answer for dog breed Australian Shepherd was viewed by 4526 visitors.

Country of origin: United States
Nicknames: Aussie or little blue dog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Before choosing a puppy, it is recommended to look at the place where it lives.

  • Is it clean?
  • Look at its parents (at least on its mother). Is she aggressive or anxious?
  • How the puppies behave? Do they play? Are they active and curious? Or maybe they are lazy and sleepy?
  • How do the puppies look? Are they well-fed, with clean eyes and ears?

Spend some time with puppies to understand their character and personal traits to choose the puppy that better fits you.

Talk to a breeder. He should answer all your questions about this breed and every puppy (its character, temper, its preferences).

Ask about documents that you will be given after purchase. It is also recommended to have a written agreement of purchase of this puppy, so you could have a proof of purchase and money transfer.

Answer for dog breed "Australian Shepherd"

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