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Answer "How do I prevent my dog from running away?"

How do I prevent my dog from running away?

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Many dogs try to run away when they are left alone. The perfect solution for this problem is not to leave your dog alone when it is not at home. If you don't want your dog to run away searching for a mate, you should sterilize it.

Dogs that tend to run away should be walked with a lead. It is dangerous to leave it on a leash because it can develop serious behavioral problems such as aggression. Once you see that your dog does not want to run away anymore, you can let it go but continue watching it. It is important to keep your door open to give your pet the ability to come back home once it has finished its business in the garden. There is another solution for those, who can't constantly control their dogs – you can build an additional barrier in front of your fence.

From the dog's point of view, escape is motivated by a variety of entertaining activities that wait for your pet outside. So if your dog ran away at least once, it will be very hard to stop it, because it is now controlled by a powerful instinct. You can just make it impossible to run away for your dog. Tying the dog may be only a temporary and emergency measure, and only in the presence of its owner. The best way to prevent traveler-dogs from running away is to keep them inside the house and walk them on leash only. Otherwise, such cases may end tragically.

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