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Answer "What products are dangerous for the dog?"

What products are dangerous for the dog?

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Some food products can be very dangerous for dogs because of their specific metabolism. Some of these harmful products can only lead to digestive disorders while others can cause serious illnesses or even death.

All the products listed below should never be given to dogs. Of course, this list is not complete, because it is very hard to include all the products your dog shouldn't eat.

  • Alcohol. It can lead to poisoning and even death.
  • Fish and bird bones. They can damage the digestive system.
  • Cat Food. It usually contains too much fat and protein.
  • Chocolate, coffee, tea, and other products that contain caffeine.
  • Citric acid. It can lead to vomiting.
  • Fat products. They can lead to pancreatitis (dogs need essential fatty acids).
  • Grapes and raisins. They contain an unknown toxin that damages kidneys.
  • Human vitamins and supplements that contain iron.
  • Marijuana. It can cause negative effects to the nervous system and leads to vomiting.
  • Milk and dairy products. Many dogs and cats are not able to process lactose, so it leads to diarrhea.
  • Mushrooms. They contain various toxins that can shock and even kill the dog.
  • Raw eggs. They can contain salmonella. Eggs can also damage the dog's skin due to the existence of avidin in them.
  • Raw Fish. River fish can not be given to the dog due to the presence of worms in it. Some fish may cause vitamin deficiency in dogs.
  • Salt. In big amounts, it can lead to electrolyte imbalance.
  • Sweet Products. They can lead to the problems with teeth and diabetes.

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