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Answer "Why my dog wags its tail?"

Why my dog wags its tail?

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According to the fact that dogs were pack animals in the past, they had to invent a way of communication to live together. Dogs use various voice signals and body postures to communicate. Friendly dog indicates its good mood by wagging its tail. However wagging tail does not always indicate friendliness. Dominating or aggressive dogs can also shake their tails, but they try to keep it as high as they can, and only its top will wag rapidly. Playful dog will also keep the tail high, but it will wag it completely, inviting you, or the other animal, to the game. The dog that wags its tail, but holds its low says that it is afraid or obeys.

It is important to know that the tail may be a very important part of dog language, but if you want to understand your dog, there are other aspects of this language to take into account – body posture, the position of the ears, eyes expression, etc.

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