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Answer "What is involuntary urination in dogs?"

What is involuntary urination in dogs?

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When young dogs are excited, they can urinate spontaneously. They do not control this process and often don't even understand, what has just happened. Some other dogs can urinate to show a sigh of submission in the presence of another animal (and human), which they consider to be dominant. Submissive urination often happens to puppies and young dogs. These problems happen, when the owner is too harsh towards its puppy, or when the puppy is frightened.

As an owner, you have to understand the events that cause involuntary urination. You should remove the reason that forces your puppy to urinate. The majority of dogs stops doing this at the age of a year, especially when their owners treat them well. Be patient. If this happens, do not blame your puppy. Just clean and forget about it.

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RU: Что такое непризвольное мочеиспускание у щенков?
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