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Answer "How do I protect dog's bowl from ants?"

How do I protect dog's bowl from ants?

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During warmer months, ants and other insects deliver a lot of problems by getting into the bowls for food and water for our pets. Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem without the use of insecticides.

There are bowls, which have a furrow between the internal and external bowls. This furrow is filled with soapy water, which can't be crossed by insects.

It is also pretty easy to create this kind of bowl by yourself. Find a plastic container with lid and heavy bowl that can't be flipped. Cut a hole in the lid of a plastic container. This hole should be big enough to fit a bowl and still have 2-3 centimeters remaining. Partially fill a plastic container with soapy water, and put a bowl inside of it. The level of soapy water should not be high, so the animal could not touch it with its tongue. As the result, we will have a construction that does not allow any insect to get into the dog's bowl, and your dog is not able to drink soapy water.

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