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Answer "What is pseudopregnancy in dogs?"

What is pseudopregnancy in dogs?

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False pregnancy – is a specific psychophysical condition of the animal. It is not an anomaly and not a disease. False pregnancy may occur in dogs after estrus or a failed mating. The body of the dog produces the same hormones as it would produce during a real pregnancy, so it physically feels pregnant.

The symptoms of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • Breast growth and tenderness.
  • Discoloration of mammary glands.
  • Milk secretion.

Except for physical condition, the dog's behavior will also change:

  • The dog tries to find a "lair" – place for its future puppies.
  • Brings all the stuffed toys to its lair and behaves like they are real puppies (licks them).
  • Loses an interest to the rest of spheres of life (walks, games, training), becomes apathetic, or nervous.
  • In some cases, your dog can even start protecting its lair and non-existing puppies inside it.

If the fake pregnancy lasts too much time, despite the following all the recommendations, you should contact a veterinarian.

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