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Answer "What are the complications of piroplasmosis in dogs?"

What are the complications of piroplasmosis in dogs?

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The main piroplasmosis complication is the consequences of massive intravascular hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells). Intoxication caused by piroplasm causes a significant destruction to the liver and central nervous system. This situation may worsen by the side effects of specific medications aimed on piroplasmosis treatment – piro-stop, veriben, berenil, etc. Problems of the central nervous system may occur in the form of seizures that lead the dog into a coma, which usually ends fatally. When a large number of red blood cells is dead, or there is a problem with new red blood cells development, the transport of oxygen to the tissues may not work well. This problem will lead a dog to anoxaemia, so it affects all organs – it may cause respiratory failure or even heart failure, which is compounded by increasing acidosis and hyperkalemia. Main complications of piroplasmosis in dogs: 1) Renal failure. 2) Hepatopathy. 3) Damage to the central nervous system. 4) Heart failure. 5) Anemia. All the complications are deadly. A combination of multiple or all the complications will significantly complicate the treatment of piroplasmosis. There is a set of therapeutic measures for each pathology.

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RU: Осложнения при пироплазмозе у собак
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