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Answer "How do I choose a healthy puppy?"

How do I choose a healthy puppy?

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All the bits of advice listed below will help you to understand the character of a puppy and obtain some information about its health.

Age and behavior. The best age to buy a puppy is around eight weeks. In this age, puppies are often self-sufficient, but still emotional. This is also a good time to understand the strength of the connection between a puppy and its owners. A small puppy learns all the rules of behavior from its mother and siblings. Excessively aggressive puppy will be aggressive as well as its mother; shy puppy will remain shy. Despite the fact that socialization and training are very important, you can understand many aspects of puppy's behavior even before the purchase. It is recommended to choose a puppy that loves to play and shows its friendliness.

Check the puppy for its physical development: its bones, how well limbs it has, whether all the fingers are well-developed. Does this puppy limp? You should also pay attention to puppy's body – do not take to thin or overfed animal.

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