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Answer "How do I train my puppy not to bite?"

How do I train my puppy not to bite

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Puppies love to bite and chew almost everything they see. That is how a puppy learns to use its teeth properly. However, unfortunately, biting puppies often deliver a lot of trouble to relationships with their owners. When playing with a human, puppy often bites him gently, but it has very sharp teeth that can deal significant damage, especially to small children. There are a couple of methods that help us avoid these problems.

Redirection. When your puppy bites you, it is recommended to make a very high and loud sound. Please note: this sound should be sudden and really loud to make your puppy stop biting immediately. If you do it properly, you will see your puppy recoil quickly with a look of amazement. Then, you should offer your puppy a toy to redirect its wish to chew something. This method will help you to redirect unwanted behavior of your pet.

The game is over. Once your puppy has bitten you, get up and leave the room. After a couple of times, your puppy will understand that it loses its "play-partner" every time it bites him.

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