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Answer "How hard are Shiba Inus to train?"

How hard are Shiba Inus to train?

This "How hard are Shiba Inus to train?" answer for dog breed Shiba Inu was viewed by 4279 visitors.

Country of origin: Japan
Other names: Japanese Shiba Inu, Japanese Small Size Dog, Shiba Ken
Nicknames: Shiba
Height: Male
Weight: Male

It has been proven by experience – if you don't have a flexible character, it would be very hard for you to adapt to coexistence with the Shiba Inu. These dogs want their owner to follow their orders and do what they want. They want you to feed them when they want and let them sleep in your favorite armchair, even when it is already occupied. The owners also want this dog to follow their orders and listen to their commands, so we have a significant confrontation here.

Shiba Inu loves everything to be clean, so your puppy will never pee inside the house if you take it out often. It will be harder to train your Shiba Inu to walk with a leash because it limits its freedom and not natural for this breed in general. Some of Shiba Inus will protest against the leash and collar for their entire lives. They do it in the form of their patented "Shiba Inu dance" – shaking their heads like they have something in their ear.

Most likely, the average Shiba Inu that has an average owner will not behave like this. Most dogs are always willing to investigate every nook and cranny and the hole in the radius of 2 kilometers. Shiba Inus love everything that challenges their mind and body. If you are going to teach your dog to do something it likes, the training will be fun for both of you.

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RU: Насколько тяжело дрессировать Шиба Ину?
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