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Answer "Dog vommits. What should i do?"

Dog vommits. What should i do?

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Vomiting can be a symptom of many diseases in your pet. What should you do in such cases? It is obvious that you shouldn't blame the dog for vomiting, even if it threw up on your expensive carpet. Your pet cannot control its reflexes. Secondly, look if the dog wears the muzzle or a collar. If it does, take it off immediately – a dog can choke on vomit. Then, give your pet some water. If vomiting happened multiple times, it would be a good idea to add some rehydron to the water – it will help to avoid dehydration.

After that, you should immediately call a veterinarian. Tell the vet how many times the dog threw up when it was – before the food or after. Don't forget to tell the vet what happened to the dog during last 2-3 days, including contacts with other animals, ration changes, and other aspects, which don't seem to be significant. You should also tell the vet about the activity and appetite of your dog. Do not panic. The veterinarian will prescribe all the needed treatments and medications to save your furry friend.

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