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Answer "Why do I have to get my pet sterilized?"

Why do I have to get my pet sterilized?

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If you are not planning to become a dog breeder, you should think about the possibility to get an unwanted offspring. The most effective solution for this problem is sterilization. Many dog owners wonder if they should do it. You are probably an owner of home dog, so you don't really care about homeless animals. You should! The number of homeless animals grows because of unplanned offspring. You should think about the possibility of your dog's puppies to join the number of homeless animals or end their lives in a shelter.

We should also note that the lifespan of sterilized animals is two years higher compared to their non-operated counterparts. Sterilization will also lower the risk of various uterus and ovary diseases.

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RU: Нужно ли стерилизовать собаку?
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