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Answer "What natural food can I feed my dog with?"

What natural food can I feed my dog with?

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Proper natural diet for a dog is mostly monotonous, species-specific diet that does not require heat treatment. This diet mostly consists of dairy products, raw meat or raw offal (heart, tripe, kidneys, etc.) and plant foods (vegetables and some non-sweet fruits). The main meat in the diet of dogs is lean beef. It is also normal to feed your dog with mutton, horsemeat and a rabbit. Pork is not recommended to feed the dog with.

Dogs can also be given 9% fat dairy products. But sometimes, 2% cheese may cause a diarrhea in some dogs, so be careful.

Crude bone – is an important source of calcium and phosphorus, so it is a significant part of the canine diet. Of course, you can give the bones to your furry pet, if it has a full-fledged dental apparatus and does not have any chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Smaller dogs can be given raw chicken bones: breast and neck. It is not recommended to feed your dog with boiled bones - they are digested poorly, so there is a bowel obstruction possibility.

The daily volume of food has to be divided equally between the 50% of dairy products and 50% of all that relates to meat. All the raw vegetable food can be given in any amounts, but it should not exceed 15-20% volume of meat.

As you can see, there are no wet and dry commercial food, grains in the form of cereals, breads and carbohydrate food. These products are not recommended for the dog.

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