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Answer "What is electronic dog door?"

What is electronic dog door?

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Electronic dog door will automatically open for your pet and then close itself. All the owners of furry pets had the idea to buy one of these doors. This kind of purchase can significantly simplify your life. You will not have to wake up at morning to take your pet out – it is now able to leave and come back without disturbing its owners. If you don’t own a house, there is still a solution for you – you can install this door between the rooms.

You can allow your pet to freely leave the building and come back. You can program your door to make it available for your pet only. You just need to attach this small waterproof ultrasonic key to dog's collar! Electronic doors are easily adjustable and have flexible settings, so you can make it fit your needs.

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RU: Зачем нужна электронная дверца для собак?
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