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Answer "How do I treat fleas on my dog?"

How do I treat fleas on my dog?

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Many owners with a dog or puppy in their homes have no idea how to deal with fleas. Fleas are bloodsucking insects, so they have to bite someone to supply their livelihoods. They can bring considerable discomfort to furry pets and their owners. Before starting this hard battle against flea, you have to make sure that your pet is infected. How do you recognize the symptoms?

  • Your animal constantly scratches or bites itself.
  • There are small white grains on a dog’s fur– these are flea eggs.
  • You can see insects on fur.

You can use various insecticides to treat flea infection: repellent drops, collars, shampoos, flea sprays.

The most useful solution to rapidly treat fleas – are repellent drops. You will just have to apply the specified amount of this liquid on the withers (in order to prevent your puppy from swallowing the poison). These drops will protect the animal from both adults and larvae.

Anti-flea collars are also a good idea to protect your furry pet from insects. But it has its disadvantages – it may be toxic and become a cause of toxic dermatitis. That is why these collars are not used for puppies, older dogs, or breastfeeding animals.

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