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Answer "Do I need to microchip my dog?"

Do I need to microchip my dog?

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There are many dogs that get lost every day in cities. There are many unpredictable reasons for this. Many of lost animals can't find their owner and become homeless, die due to hardships of street life, or being caught and destroyed. According to statistics, there are no chances for the owner to find his loved pet.

The problem of pet identification can be solved by various ways: tattooing, stamping, and tagging the dog. We also have to mention old-fashioned identification method – a collar with the owner's number scratched on it. But these methods are far away from being called perfect, and some of them can be considered inhuman. Lost animal cannot provide anyone with information about its owner, and that is why microchips became popular.

This method includes an implantation of a microchip under the skin of your pet. This chip contains a unique identification number, which remains available for many years. Chip implantation – is a completely universal method which is painless and safe. This method has been developed to label all kinds of animals: cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, rodents, and various representatives of exotic birds and fish.

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