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Answer "Are dogs able to see colors?"

Are dogs able to see colors?

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Until recently it was believed that dogs do not distinguish colors and see the world in black and white only.

Recent researches have denied this old opinion. Dogs are able to see colors, even though they see them differently compared to humans. This is about the shape of a dog's eye. The retina has cones, which are responsible for the perception of colors, and dogs have a significantly smaller amount of these cones. Besides that, our eye contains three types of these cones, every of which is responsible for its own color diapason. The first type is sensitive for red and orange, the second is for yellow and green, the third type is sensitive for blue and violet colors. Dogs don't have sensitivity to red color, and that is why they are not able to see the difference between yellow-green and orange-red. This is similar to the way color-blind people see the world. Something that we see as blue-green will look as white for dogs.

But our pets are able to distinguish more shades of gray, which allows them to navigate in shades.

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RU: Могут ли собаки различать цвета?
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