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Answer "How do I protect my dog from piroplasmosis?"

How do I protect my dog from piroplasmosis?

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Unfortunately, there are no 100% reliable ways to protect your pet, and the immunity will not develop itself even after the disease. So, you should do everything to reduce the risk of infection. The best idea would be to use external-usage medications to kill ticks.

This is the most acceptable, easy-to-perform, relatively harmless and reliable method – its efficiency reaches 80-90%. There are drops, sprays, and collars. Drops and collars will start working in a couple of days when the spray instantly starts its work, but it is significantly harder to apply it properly. Drops will protect your dog from ticks for about a month. The collar can work up to 7 months. Spay will work up to two weeks with proper application. It is recommended to strengthen the work of drops or spray by a collar.

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RU: Как защитить собаку от пироплазмоза?
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