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Answer "How do I teach my dog not to dig?"

How do I teach my dog not to dig?

This "How do I teach my dog not to dig?" answer was viewed by 4669 visitors.

It is normal to dig for the dogs. Some dogs have this kind of behavior exaggerated and start being annoying and deliver the owners of this dog a lot of troubles.

What can you do to teach your dog not to dig in your garden? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Fill all the holes that your dog has excavated with various items (rocks, sticks, leaves, dirt, etc.) for 5 or more centimeters. Some dogs, when seeing their holes filled with trash, can become disappointed and stop digging.
  • Surprise it. You can also fill all the holes with water, when your dog doesn't see it. Or hide a hose inside it, so when your dog starts digging, you just have to open the valve.
  • Sandbox. You can build a sandbox for your dog – big and deep box filled with sand of soil. Praise and encourage your pet, when it digs inside of the sandbox. To train your dog to dig in sandbox only, hide its toy inside of it.
  • In some cases you will have to cover your entire garden with mesh, but be careful – your pet can cut itself.

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