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Answer "What breeds are easiest to train?"

What breeds are easiest to train?

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When you are choosing your future pet, it is very important to know its features of character. Especially it is important to carefully study the information about the breed, if this is going to be your first dog, or you have decided to change a breed of your next pet (the difference between Labrador and the Caucasian Shepherd is significant, isn't it?).

Of course, every breed can be trained, and every dog has to be controllable to make your life together easier and safer. But if you have an aim to have an athlete-dog, it would be a better idea to choose a breed that requires a significantly less effort to achieve a desired result.

So which breeds are the easiest to train?

1) German Shepherd. 2) Belgian Shepherd. 3) Doberman Pincher. 4) Rottweiler. 5) Airedale Terrier. 6) Border Collie. 7) Poodle.

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