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Answer "What is piroplasmosis vaccination?"

What is piroplasmosis vaccination?

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Anti-piroplasmosis vaccination will trigger immunity against babesiosis (piroplasmosis) in dog. A complete immunity develops in vaccinated animals in 14 days after double vaccination and remains active for 6 months. These vaccines can be given to clinically healthy dogs starting at 5 months of age. Revaccination is recommended to be done in 3-4 weeks after the first one, and then it is recommended to repeat every 6 months. Individual animals can feel apathy and loss of appetite after vaccination - these problems will disappear themselves without any treatment. In some rare cases, the dog may suffer from hypersensitivity phenomenon, which requires symptomatic treatment.

Dogs can't be vaccinated during pregnancy. The vaccine is forbidden to be mixed with other vaccines, but it still can be used along with anti-rabies vaccines. But in these cases, veterinarians recommend choosing another spot for injection.

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RU: Вакцины против пироплазмоза
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