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Answer "What grooming clippers should I buy?"

What grooming clippers should I buy?

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If you are not a professional groomer (dogs barber), it would be a good idea to choose simple "amateur-style" grooming machine. But do not forget that it still has to fit the fur of your dog and its breed. The device, the blades of which are made of high-quality steel, will be the best option for you. This kind of blades will grow blunt more slowly compared to its counterparts. It is also worth to pay your attention to the number of speeds: one would be enough for amateur groomers.

The simplest option that will fit grooming the pet with short hair is called vibration clipper. Choosing the appropriate model, do not forget about the convenience of handle: The device vibrates constantly, making your hand tired. Convenient handle will simplify the process of creating a dog haircut. If you own the dog with complicated hair type, it would be better to choose rotor-based clipper. These devices can work for a long time without overheating and can handle all the types of hair.

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