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Answer "What kind of character springer spaniels have?"

What kind of character springer spaniels have?

This "What kind of character springer spaniels have?" answer for dog breed English Springer Spaniel was viewed by 4388 visitors.

Country of origin: England
Other names: Springer Spaniel

These dogs with their amazing kind eyes are loved in many countries all over the world. There are thousands of reasons to have a Springer Spaniel in your house.

English Springer Spaniel can become best friends with your children. This happens because the dog recognizes a child as the best partner for funny games and restless running. These dogs have amazingly friendly character, but the level of their activity can be boring sometimes. It will be especially boring for those people, who love to just lie down and watch TV in the evening. In this case, you can spoil the dog's character: it may become angry and play the rogue.

Curious Springer Spaniel loves to swim and requires a regular combing (at least twice per week). The owner has also to pay a lot of attention to his pet's ears: they should be clean without any bruises. English Springer Spaniel, the owner of which cares about its pet, will look well-groomed and happy.

Answer for dog breed "English Springer Spaniel"

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RU: Какой характер у спрингер спаниелей?
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