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Answer "How long chihuahuas live?"

How long chihuahuas live?

This "How long chihuahuas live?" answer for dog breed Chihuahua was viewed by 4453 visitors.

Country of origin: Mexico
Other names: Chihuahua
Nicknames: New Yorker (Mexico only)
Height: Male
Weight: Male

The question of life expectancy for pets concerns many dog owners. Of course! These small furry pets instantly become our family members, so we don't want to lose it in 5-7 years.

How long Chihuahua lives? It is around 12-15 years on average. But there are centenarians who live to 18-20. Of course, life expectancy depends on the owner. Proper care, balanced food, and normal physical exercises are a pledge of longevity and activity of the dog. At eight these dogs are officially considered old. They stop being used in breeding activities. They also join "veteran" class in all the exhibitions. Dog food manufacturers recommend implementing a diet for older dogs from this age.

This is all individual, and your 8 years old per can still be very active and living, or can have many problems and only half of its teeth. Overfeeding, monotonous diet, the abundance of fat food, as well as the lack of movement will also lead to premature aging and reduce the lifetime of your pet. Chihuahuas with overweight live 3-5 years less than usual.

Answer for dog breed "Chihuahua"

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RU: Сколько живут чихуахуа?
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