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Answer "Which breeds are the smartest?"

Which breeds are the smartest?

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Dogs are able to understand up to 250 words and gestures, count to five, and do simple math. Canadian scientists have created a rating of top ten the smartest dog breeds. Many dog owners may not agree with this list because we all love our furry pets. But it is worth to note that the people created that list have used many various tests and experiments to evaluate the level of smartness of these breeds. As the research shows, the IQ of some dogs is equal to the level of 2-year-old children. They are both able to recognize separate words and gestures and know up to 250 words. In the sphere of math, some dogs can be compared with 4-year-old children.

We should also note the ability of dogs to navigate the terrain, control simple mechanisms, and feel happiness, anger or disgust. More complicated emotions like the feeling of fault are not available for dogs. Canadian researchers showed us the rating of top ten smartest dogs:

1) Border-Collie. 2) Poodles. 3) German Shepherd. 4) Golden Retriever. 5) Doberman Pinscher. 6) Sheltie. 7) Labrador-Retriever. 8) Papillon. 9) Rottweiler. 10) Australian Shepherd.

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