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Answer "Why my dog has blood in his stool?"

Why my dog has blood in his stool?

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The presence of blood in the dog's feces or bloody diarrhea may be a symptom of many serious and dangerous diseases, and therefore should always be considered as the reason for the survey to understand the causes of bleeding. The fact of existence of the blood is already causing a concern, but the diarrhea is an additional symptom that helps to understand the cause of bleeding.


Parasites such as Ancylostoma are called roundworms. The main feature of their biology is that they attach themselves to the intestinal mucosa and eat dog's blood. That is why they may become a cause of blood in the dog's feces.

Canine distemper

In the early days of this disease in the intestinal form it works in a similar manner with parvoviral enteritis, which infects many systems of the dog's body, including nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and even its skin. Bloody diarrhea can be either black or red, if the dog is infected with canine distemper.

Parvovirus enteritis

This is a kind of infection that often leads to rapid death of the weakened puppy. This virus infects the intestinal cells and cardiac muscle, causing irreversible changes. Frequent diarrhea and vomiting will quickly lead to a complete dehydration and problems with electrolyte metabolism. The prognosis for this disease is always very cautious, even when there is an active treatment applied. The blood in the feces will be red, if the animal is infected with Parvovirus enteritis.

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