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Answer "What to do with cancer in dogs?"

What to do with cancer in dogs?

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More than a 50% of dogs older than 10 years have cancer. The uncontrollable process of cancer can start in any organ of your pet (bones, muscles, skin, liver, or spleen).

No one knows what starts the cancer, but it is known that the tendency to have it is given by genetics. Cancer can also be caused by bad nutrition, infections, fleas, pliers, cigarette smoke, asbestos, and even some vaccines. Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Poodles, Rottweilers, and Shelties are more vulnerable to cancer compared to other breeds.

Dogs can have the same forms of cancer than people have. The only difference is about the propagation velocity of the disease. If there are certain forms of cancer, veterinarians perform therapeutic treatment to slow down the growth of tumors in dogs. Sometimes it is recommended to perform a surgery.

It is also recommended to exclude carbohydrates from the food. It may help to increase the lifespan of animals with cancer. Recent researches have shown that wheat, corn, and sugar will contribute the growth of cancer cells. So that is why it is recommended to add fish, broccoli and linseed oil to the food of your dog.

If you have noticed any symptoms, you should immediately take your dog to the vet. Remember that early stages of cancer are easier to treat.

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