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Answer "What is enteritis in dogs?"

What is enteritis in dogs?

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Enteritis – is a relatively new disease, but it can be compared with distemper by the number of dead dogs. The first cases of the disease have been recorded in 1980, and due to a complete absence of natural immunity in dogs, many of them died. Enteritis is very dangerous for young dogs (age between 2 and 9 months), and its consequences cause irreversible damage to puppies.

Enteritis infection infects dogs only, so it is completely safe for humans and other animals. Sick dogs are the source of enterovirus – virus gets into the environment with their feces and vomit. This disease is very insidious and fast-growing, so the owner of the dog has to recognize the symptoms as soon as possible and get his pet to the vet. Viral enteritis in dogs can be intestinal and cordial, so that is why symptoms are always different.

Intestinal Enteritis can occur in an animal of any age. This virus destroys the intestinal mucosa, which leads to necrosis and the rapid development of secondary infections.

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RU: Что такое энтерит?
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