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Answer "What is Agility?"

What is Agility?

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Agility – is a new dog sport, which has been "invented" in the UK at the end of the 80s. Agility – is the main characteristic that your pet should have to succeed in this sport. The main goal looks pretty simple – run on the track as fast as you can and overcome various obstacles. But it is not that simple! You can help your dog with your voice and gestures only. The track is built an hour before the race starts, so every dog will not be able to remember the route. So every dog runs the track for the first time, but still has to do it "quick and clean" –overcome about 20 different obstacles properly (barriers, slalom, swings, tunnels, slides, a wheel, boom, etc.). The dog will get penalty points for all the downed planks and mistakes, which can nullify its speed advantage.

The height of some of the obstacles can be reduced for small and medium dogs, but the length of the route and speed requirements will remain the same. Sometimes, small dogs finish the track even faster than larger ones. As for the breed – all the dogs allowed to participate in Agility Competitions. The main idea is that the dog and the owner work together and enjoy the competition.

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