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Answer "What are enteritis symptomes in dogs?"

What are enteritis symptomes in dogs?

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Your pet may start refusing to eat and drink, start vomiting, and even have diarrhea. The dog starts suffering from a significant dehydration, but it can't lie down because of severe stomach pain. The rapid form of enteritis can kill a young animal within 2 days. This form of the virus is often developed in puppies born by non-vaccinated mothers.

If you suspect your dog to have parvovirus enteritis – pet treatment must be started immediately. If you have noticed the first symptoms, immediately contact a veterinary clinic, where they will perform a laboratory analysis of feces for the presence of the pathogen.

How is enteritis treated? The main aim – is to stop diarrhea and vomiting to save your pet from dehydration. The dog receives hyperimmune serum and immunoglobulin. Brines are given to the dog to restore the water balance, and the food is replaced by vitamin C, nutrient solutions, and glucose.

Treatment will also include cardiac medications, vitamins, and antibiotics to suppress secondary infection. And remember that only the vet can prescribe medication. Any self-medication can be deadly.

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RU: Какие симптомы энтерита у собак?
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