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Answer "How do I protect my dog from mites?"

How do I protect my dog from mites?

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All the dog owners know that mites are dangerous for dogs. But only a few know why they are dangerous and how do you protect your dog from them.

Ticks are very dangerous for dogs because of the possibility to infect them with piroplasmosis. It is a dangerous infection that can easily kill a dog or cat. The main mode of transmission of the disease is a tick bite. Most of the piroplasmosis cases happen for tick activity season – spring and autumn.

Today we have a wide range of various medications such as sprays, collars, and drops. It should be noted that ticks attach themselves to the animal's fur, but active substances immediately lower their activity up to their death. That is why pesticide sprays are considered to be the best option to deal with ticks. They are applied using this simple scheme: you have to apply specified amount of spray once per two weeks, and also spray your pet's fur with a small amount of this substance every day.

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RU: Как защитить собаку от клещей?
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