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Answer "How do I train english cocker spaniel?"

How do I train english cocker spaniel?

This "How do I train english cocker spaniel?" answer for dog breed English Cocker Spaniel was viewed by 4992 visitors.

Country of origin: England
Other names: Cocker Spaniel
Nicknames: Cocker, Cocker Spaniel

It is recommended to be patient and persistent. Dogs of this breed have an amazing ability to remember any kind of information, so you will not have to repeat it many times in a row. On its early stages, training should be done indoors. If your dog ignores a rule or command, you should immediately deal with it.

The owner should give its pet to understand that the human is a leader of this "pack" and his orders are must to obey. Please, not that violence can completely spoil the whole training process. If there is an act of disobedience, it would be a better idea to use water to give the animal a chance to understand its fault. Punishment, as well as encouraging, must always be timely. Otherwise, it will not give any result.

If you want to use the hunting skills of your cocker spaniel, it would be better to hire someone, who works with this kind of training. Unfortunately, there are only a few of this kind of trainers, so their services are pretty expensive.

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RU: Как правильно дрессировать Английского Кокер Спаниеля?
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