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Answer "How do I look after my border collie?"

Taking care of Border Collie

This "How do I look after my border collie?" answer for dog breed Border Collie was viewed by 4242 visitors.

Country of origin: Scotland, England, Wales
Other names: Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

The hair of Border collie does not require a lot of attention due to its natural ability to repel dirt. Usually, 10-minute combing 2-3 times per week is enough to keep the hair of your pet clean. During their molting, of course, we have to pay more attention to the hair of our dogs to prevent their fur from covering all your furniture and carpets.

Due to the fact that Border collies do not smell, you should bathe them only when you see that their hair is very dirty. If your border collie starts to smell bad after bathing, it is recommended to visit the veterinarian in order to check the skin and ears. You should also regularly cut the claws of your pet.

Answer for dog breed "Border Collie"

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RU: Какой уход нужен Бордер колли?
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