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Answer "How do I train my Beagle?"

How do I train my Beagle?

This "How do I train my Beagle?" answer for dog breed Beagle was viewed by 4105 visitors.

Country of origin: England
Other names: English Beagle
Weight: Male

Beagles are very stubborn dogs. And that is why you will need an approach that consists of persistence and patience. Training courses can help you teach your beagle with all the main commands that you will use every day.

The first course you should attend with your dog – is a main behavioral course. All the dogs between 3 and 6 months are recommended to finish this course, especially beagles. The number of lessons and their duration is determined by the school.

You can also train your beagle in special hunting-courses. This is a course you can attend in almost any hunting club. Usually, this kind of training is performed parried with one or two experienced dogs. Starting from 8 months, you can teach beagle to trace and find hogs, foxes, raccoons, and rabbit. It is worth to note: if you want your dog to become a hunter, it is strongly recommended to finish the general behavioral course.

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