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Answer "What kind of character do bloodhound dogs have?"

What kind of character do bloodhound dogs have?

This "What kind of character do bloodhound dogs have?" answer for dog breed Bloodhound was viewed by 3941 visitors.

Country of origin: Belgium, France
Other names: Chien de Saint-Hubert, St. Hubert Hound Sleuth hound

Bloodhound is a kind of dog that will not fit everyone. These dogs have a significant salivation, so it will be everywhere in your house. Big size, particular about what they eat, expensive veterinarian services, and pretty short lifespan make them very controversial companions for an average person.

In their puppyhood, bloodhounds will gain up to 4 kg of weight every week. The same as representatives of other breeds, these dogs live about 10 years.

Bloodhounds are very persistent and stubborn. They will go on the trail, and nothing, even the call of the owner, will make them stop. And that is why it is very hard to tech bloodhound walk without a leash. However, they will never show an aggression towards people or other dogs. The skin on its face deprives the dog's eyesight. This is the second reason, why you should always walk your bloodhound with a leash – for its own security.

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