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Answer "Are border collies hyperactive?"

Are border collies hyperactive?

This "Are border collies hyperactive?" answer for dog breed Border Collie was viewed by 4316 visitors.

Country of origin: Scotland, England, Wales
Other names: Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog
Height: Male
Weight: Male

Border Collies are very energetic and active dogs that need constant and active physical exercises. If they don't have enough of exercises – you will have your apartment destroyed completely, and your garden will be covered with holes.

Border Collies will love: Frisbee, tracking, swimming, and long walks with their owner.

During the warmer months, this breed is very vulnerable to thermal shocks, because these dogs are so emotional and active, so they can't calm down sometimes, which often leads to tragic consequences.

The second problem of Border Сollie – their hyperactivity can injure them. For example, when your dog is entertainment, it may not notice an obstacle such as wall, table, the door…

Answer for dog breed "Border Collie"

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RU: Гиперактивны ли Бордер колли?
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