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Answer "What kind of character does dachshund have?"

What kind of character does dachshund have?

This "What kind of character does dachshund have?" answer for dog breed Dachshund was viewed by 3113 visitors.

Country of origin: Germany
Nicknames: Teckel (BNL/FR/GER), Tekkel (BNL), Tekkel Doxie (US), Weenie Dog (US) (S.A.), Wiener Dog/Hotdog (US), Sausage Dog (UK/US/AUS), Bassotto (I), Sosis (TR), Worshond (ZA), Perro Salchicha (ES/MX)

Everyone knows these small dogs on their short and funny legs. Their appearance and character features represent their purpose very well. With the help of its short legs, Dachshund will easily fit any burrow, and its fighter skills will help it to beat any enemy.

These animals are incredibly brave and independent. Independence is important to handle all the tasks they are assigned to do.

Dachshunds love to be informed about all your businesses, trying to help you as much as they can. Anyone, who meets Dachshund can easily understand, who is the owner of this animal. These dogs are long shadows of their owners. It doesn’t mean that this dog will be aggressive towards strangers, but they will never betray their loved owner.

Answer for dog breed "Dachshund"

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