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Answer "How hard is it to train Papilion?"

How hard is it to train Papilion?

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Country of origin: Spain, Belgium, France

Papillons are very kind, friendly and funny companions with an amazing mind and curiosity. That is why their training is so easy. Some Papillion, as well as other small dogs, love to bark, so their training may take some more time compared to their bigger siblings. All the Papillion puppies are recommended to finish a basic obedience course because it will become a very valuable help to prevent any stubbornness in your dog.

According to the fact that dog-yards are always occupied by bigger dogs, the owners of small dogs do not really like to participate in these events. Ask your breeder to find the best dog trainer for you. You need an experienced trainer, who uses positive motivation in his work. You can also attend trainer-course and work with your dog at home.

Answer for dog breed "Papillon"

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RU: Тяжело ли дрессировать Папильона?
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