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Answer "Which plants are dangerous for my dog?"

Which plants are dangerous for my dog?

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No matter where you live – in a house or apartment, you might have one favorite flower on the windowsill or on a shelf. Maybe plants are you passionate hobby? And at the same time, there is a dog in your house?

Plants are can deal significant damage to your loved dog. They may cause the most problematic consequences: sicknesses and poisonings. It happens because some plants contain various dangerous toxins, which cause puking, diarrhea, tongue swelling, skin irritation, stomach spasms, kidney dysfunction, respiratory system malfunctions. There is a variety of these dangerous plants. However, there is a list of the most common plants that can be found in almost any home:

Dieffenbachia – Its leaves contain an acid that can burn mucous tissues and negatively affects the lungs.

Philodendron – Its leaves are also poisonous. Specific acid from its leaves burns mucous tissues. This substance can damage dog's kidneys.

Hydrangea – When poisoned by this plant, the dog will experience strong pain in its stomach. There is also shivering possible, which signalizes about the heart system violation.

If you are just considering buying a dog, it would be a good idea to study the information about all the plants you have in your house. If you suspect that your dog suffers from poisoning, you must immediately call the veterinarian.

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RU: Какие растения опасны для собак?
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