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Answer "How do I travel with my dog in a car?"

How do I travel with my dog in a car?

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Usually, the majority of dogs love to travel in a car with their owners, because they love to be with the owner for as much time as they can. But you should still pay some attention to the safety of your pet.

Do not feed your dog for 2-3 hours before a ride to prevent "seasickness". It is also not recommended to give water to your dog 30 minutes before a trip. It is forbidden to take your dog on a front seat. Emergency breaking can easily throw your dog through a windshield and deal significant damage to it. In any case, the dog on a front seat can provoke the car accident by itself.

The most optimal spot for a dog to travel in a car – is a rear seat, which is equipped with a special plastic seat. These seats are aimed to limit the dog's attempts to jump out of it. This requirement is very topical for lapdogs, which are able to easily jump through the window.

The dog inside a car should also be leashed, even if you don't use it during your regular walks. It has to be attached to some stable parts of your car. If you plan a very long trip, it is recommended to make stops every 2-3 hours to walk your dog and give it some water, especially during the warmer months.

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