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Answer "Do I have to feed my dog with vegetables?"

Do I have to feed my dog with vegetables?

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If you want to adopt a furry friend, you have to remember that this responsible step will require you to apply a lot of efforts and attention. There is a common opinion that dogs should eat cereals and meat only. And it is completely wrong due to the fact that vegetables are sometimes even more important for the health of your pet. It can be cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, turnip, or even onion. All the vegetables you give should be fresh or boiled. You can also add them to various soups or just give separately.

Giving your dog vegetables is a very beneficial decision that has been proven a long time ago. They improve the immunity of the god, benefits digestion, regulate metabolism and even increase lactation on those animals that feed puppies.

Not every vegetable, of course, is useful for dogs. For example, potatoes, despite their high nutrition, are not digested so easily. It can also lower the vitamin B production. So, you should be really careful and control the amount of potatoes you give to your pet. And because of the same reason you should limit the amount of peas, lentils, beans and turnips in the ration of your pet. They can significantly overload the digestive tract of the dog.

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