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Answer "How do I feed puppy properly?"

How do I feed puppy properly?

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So, you want a small furry friend? You will probably want to have a healthy and beautiful dog with a good exterior, so that is why you should feed your pet properly and add all the required products to its ration. And today we are going to explain to you how to do it properly to make your puppy a real champion.

How many times per day should I feed my puppy?

• 1.5 – 2 months old puppy: 6 times per day with 3-hour interval.

• 2 – 4-month-old puppy: 5 times per day with a bit bigger interval between feeding sessions.

• 4 – 5-month-old puppy: 4 times per day.

• 5 – 12-month-old puppy: 3 times per day.

• Older than a year: 2 times per day.

There is no any objective guide to dog feeding because every animal has its own individual needs. Those puppies that love to run and jump, will eat much more than their "lazy" siblings. The appetite of the animal is also depending on environmental conditions such as weather and temperature.

If you want your puppy to be active and healthy, you should remove all the fat food from its ration (such as pork). It would be a better idea to feed it with lamb and beef. It is also recommended to give various subproducts and dairy products.

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