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Answer "Which food type should I choose for my dog?"

Which food type should I choose for my dog?

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There is a perfect option for those dog owners, who do not want to cook food for their pets – special dry or wet dog food. Dry food looks like granules, made of protein powder and various additives. These foods are not the best option to constantly feed your dog with.

There are obvious advantages of wet dog foods compared to dry ones. They contain 15-25% more of protein and 25-30% less carbohydrates. These foods also contain a good amount of fiber, which provides normal digestion and really useful for healing various diseases of the digestive system in dogs. They also do not contain any synthetic preservatives or stabilizers, which makes wet food as close to natural foods as possible. There are also no flavoring and coloring used.

There is a variety of dog food, so you can easily choose the one that fits your dog. You can also buy any special food type through the internet. If your veterinarian told you to feed your dog with any special food, it would be a good idea to pick it in accordance to the age and breed of your pet. Usually, all the needed information is printed on a can, so you should just carefully read it.

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RU: Какой тип еды лучше выбрать для моей собаки?
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