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Answer "How do I walk my dog in winter?"

How do I walk my dog in winter?

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The most dangerous problem for your dog in winter is hypothermia. All the processes of thermoregulation in the dog that was raised in the house are pretty weak and do not have enough time to get used to temperature changes. Under the circumstances with really low temperatures, the dog often starts to shiver and prim its paws. This especially affects all the short-haired breeds, which are really shocked when placed into the environment with low temperature.

Various catarrhal genesis diseases are also very dangerous for your dog during the colder months. The problems can be caused by arthritis, pneumonia, otitis, the swelling of urinary bladder and kidneys. You will have to take some measures in order to avoid these problems – it is recommended to shorten the duration of walks during the colder months. It is also recommended to buy some clothes for short-haired breeds. The regime of walks should be really active due to the fact that any kind of physical activity produces more warmth.

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RU: Как выгуливать собаку зимой?
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