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Answer "Which dog shampoo should i choose?"

Which dog shampoo should i choose?

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A set of caring procedures always includes bathing. Bathing is aimed to not just clean the hair of your dog, but to remove all the dead hair. However, it is enough to bathe your animal once per season and if your pet got dirty in the mud.

You should choose the shampoo that matches the type of hair. It is not recommended to use aromatized shampoos, due to the fact that they may harm the dog's sense of smell. The dog's skin is very dry, so it is not recommended to rub in the shampoo, but to dilute in water and foam it. Then, just apply the foam to the dog's hair.

There are also dry shampoos. They look like a powder. This kind of shampoo for dogs will clean the hair of your pet without water. The powder absorbs all the mud and does not cause any skin irritation.

There is also a wide range of various healing shampoos that help to heal wounds. These shampoos contain natural extracts of aloe, tea tree, and plantain. They have a strong antiseptic effect.

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